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Mobile App Development Cost Estimation for Your Business

You may have one of a kind idea for an App. Or you have a may have a glossy business worth multi-millions and require the next level of consumer experience to match it. What is the cost associated with the development of an App? What is the breakdown of the total pricing? You need to look for a development partner with a right price before you can acquire their services.

But you also need an attractive app which completely changes the way users interact with your company. So there are a lot of factors which you will need to focus upon. Here are some of the major areas to which you will have to pay attention while deciding the cost of your app:-

Mobile App Development Cost

What Factors Are Involved in The App Development Cost?

The cheapest web development companies offer end-to-end app development services for under $ 50,000 are offering far limited services in comparison to an agency. When you increase your investment, you are buying an experience. Therefore you need to look for more agencies which have specialized expertise in Android and iOS apps. Moreover, hard-coding of your product is one major piece of the process. A team which lacks expert designers and strategists can caw massive loss even before the launch.

Amount of Seed Funding and The Scope of MVP

A normal cost range for getting a minimum viable product is between $100,000 to $ 150,000 regardless of an agency’s expertise level. Generally, a startup will get up to $500,000 using their skills. This will enable them to run a company for around six months. Usually, they need to raise a bridge sound.

Around $500,000 is necessary which will let them take whatever type of prototype they require to be validated during the first phase. This ensures the quality of work done is of satisfactory quality. A startup normally requires at least a million dollars to operate during the first 18 months.

App Developer

The Team That Will Develop the Mobile App for You

All teams are pretty different. However, a really versatile mobile app development team needs to include a designer for creating a visual content. There also needs to have an account manager to act as a link between clients. A product manager is responsible for developing the entire strategy. Developers will optimize the product before it gets launched on the market.


Web Apps or Native, which One Would be Suit You Better?

Web apps are informational and offer high functionality and are specifically designed for JavaScript. Native apps, on the other hand, are based on mobile based devices. They can be written in various languages accepted by a platform. Therefore, you need to make up your mind to the medium and the type of app that you want to have.

What Time Period is Required to Work on Building an App?

Companies which utilize an agile process normally take a 13-week time to split into Pre-Development/Design and Development of 2-week sprints.
A proper understanding of the process of mobile app development will help you estimate the costing better. You may then plan your finances based on this research.

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