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How to Make Billions with Your Unique App Idea?

People come up with business ideas every now and then. But there are some ideas which do not get out of the head easily. While most ideas exist in theory, there are few that may realize into real business probabilities. So, if you have a great business idea in mind, you need to ensure that you have a great app to support it. This step by step guide will help you to know about the approach you should follow for the app to be designed, developed and marketed:-

Decide what would be the basic model of your business app

First and foremost, you will have to focus on creating a detailed business model to make sure that your app idea clicks. Since your app is a product you are going to promote for generating revenue, you will need to have ideas about a number of things.

  • Decide on the type of app you are going to develop as well as the type of audience you are going to target.

  • Then find out whether the target audience will find the app easy to use without much technical guidance. This is very important for your app to actually click in the industry.

  • Also, make up your mind whether you would be making your app for iOS or Android.

  • Think about whether you will keep the app-local or global.

Once you have the answer to all these questions, then you can focus on the design, development and mobile app store optimization phase. A gradual step by step approach prevents you from wasting your resources on an app that is limited in its capabilities and does not cater to the vast user base.

Perform Some Primary Research

App Research

One of the best ways of identifying your target audience is through primary research. It is one of the most affordable ways to perform marketing research by asking prospective customers what they think. You can do this research by conducting surveys of your target audience, or question them on social media or focus groups.

A major plus point of adopting this approach for researching on mobile app development for business is that you will be depending on your own research. This is far better than making use of any type of second-hand reporting.

Conduct Secondary Research

App Market Research

Secondary research will have written and published reports based on the industry which you are targeting with your app. It can be performed more easily since you can have access to information through the web and media reports.

Secondary research will help you to find out the defects within the industry you are targeting, know more about your competitors, analyze and understand your target audience. This will help to make your app as per the users’ needs.

Decide the Platform You will Target

It would be wiser to start with the iOS platform because of the wide difference in costs, speed and demographics between iOS and Android apps. These apps can also be built more quickly and at a lesser price than Android apps. However, you should opt for Android if your target audience is focusing only on this platform, especially if they are based in developing countries or in specific urban environments.

Name Your App

This is not a simple task because the name and its icon will the first interaction a user will have with it. You will have to brainstorm a lot to come up with a suitable name.

Make an Estimated of the Project’s costs

Remember that the greater the complexity of an app’s features, the longer will be the time required for development. The overall costs of the app will also increase.

Build an App Developing Team

App Development Team

To form an app team, you will need people with knowledge of development, design, project management, and marketing skills of a mobile startup. The team which you build should be a complete mix of professionals will such skills.

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Look for Investors for Funding

Almost all ventures target a seed round. Such an investment means that your firm is in the pre-revenue stage and the app is yet to be developed. Investment ranges tend to vary at this stage.

Revenue from App

Promote Your App

The marketing process should start once you start working on your app. The marketing efforts should be soft at the outset, build over time and peak during its arrival at app stores. This will ensure that your team’s efforts for app store optimization to increase organic downloads is successful.

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