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App Store Optimization Guide to Increase Organic Downloads

App Store Optimization

Every company wants its presence in the digital world and mobile apps are something that is booming. Once you have your app developer you need to focus on best app store optimization strategies. Developing and launching your app is just the implementation phase of the entire game. You need to opt for app store optimization services or do it in-house which is the maintenance stage. This article can be considered as an app store optimization guide for your application.

App store optimization tips for 2018:

App store algorithm based on keyword:

One of the most important app store optimization tips is to optimize for keywords. We will take the example of Google Play and Apple Store. While optimizing for Google Play it should be remembered that Google takes every word into consideration—the most relevant keywords are picked from app title. Apple Store, on the other hand, provides a separate field to mention your keywords. It is extremely important to pick the right keyword as you may face character limitation issues and moreover, the incorrect keyword may bring in irrelevant traffic.

Tilt the title:

Tweaking the title is again an important app store optimization strategy. Your app title is perhaps the first thing that your viewers see. Hence, it is extremely crucial to ensure to have catchy but relevant text in your app title. You should also remember that the text in the title is also considered for the keyword, hence it is important to choose the title wisely.

Reviews and Rating:

Though this is in the list of app store optimization tips, it is something that you do not have direct, complete control on. Reviews and ratings are the contribution from your users. Hence, you should ensure that your app stands to their expectations. If your app is not pleasing them, then negative reviews and ratings are inevitable. But don’t be low, reviews and rating can be a good information source to tweak your app and provide what people are looking for.

App logo:
It is known that visuals are more captivating then text. Though text works best for the backend, you need to have a relevant and eye-catchy logo. The logo is what gives you a 3 to 5 seconds window to capture your viewers’ interest. If you do not have an internal graphics designing team, it is suggested to opt for professional logo app store optimization services. Remember to be extremely careful with your logo as it is something that will stick with your brand for a long time.

App Screenshot:

Application stores allow you to upload your app screenshots. These are important as they provide the user a list of the User Interface and how their experience with the app may be. You need to upload good quality images which exhibits your app in the best way.

App Publisher Name:

Apps which have a publisher name associated are more credible and people trust them easily. Hence, ensure to mention the name of your company and list the app in the correct category.

App store optimization tools:

So, what type of app store optimization tools you would need? There are different types of tools available for app store optimization. You may need keyword optimization tool, keyword tracker, etc. Here some good app store optimization tools:

• App Annie: Helps you track and analyze competitors.
• TheTool: Helps with keyword optimization and analytical data.
• Sensor Tower: helps you track competitors, top charts, ratings, etc.

Though there are such interesting tools available in the market, you may not have the team or expertise to deal with it. However, if you still want your app to be leading in its domain you can opt for app store optimization services.

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