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What are The Benefits of Cloud Computing Service Provider?

In recent years, cloud computing has gained more popularity among mid-sized and small enterprises. It helps these businesses to gain access to application software over a high-speed Internet connection without having to invest in computer hardware and software. Apart from saving time and money, cloud computing has the capability to change the way a business operates. Here are some ways in which it can change the operations of a business:-

Cloud Computing Services Benefits:

Are you confused about what is a cloud computing service provider? How hiring such a person can bring down your operating costs? Cloud computing removes the need for buying hardware and software. So you won’t have to incur expenses for establishing and running data centers. You can, therefore, save substantially on racks of servers, 24×7 electricity for power and cooling or technical staff for infrastructure management.

Majority of the cloud computing services providers offer self-service. In case a need arises, a large number of computing resources can be arranged within minutes with just a few clicks of the mouse, offering businesses a high level of flexibility. Therefore, they ensure that they don’t have to focus on capacity planning.

Example of a Cloud Computing Service:

Cloud-based services offered by a cloud computing services provider is of various types. This includes web-based cloud computing, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). In case of web-based cloud computing, businesses utilize the functionality offered by web services. So they don’t need to develop a full requirement to meet their business needs.
Companies which use IaaS utilize unlimited storage potential of cloud infrastructure. They can also expand and shrink storage space as and when required without being concerned about dedicated servers on site. SaaS on the other enables people to access the functionality of a specific software without having to think about issues such as storage.

Cloud Computing Services for Business:

Businesses normally use three major types of cloud services for data storage. They are :-

Public Cloud- This type of service is built on an external platform by any cloud service provider. Using public cloud service, you can have your own cloud within this shared infrastructure. It offers practically everything starting from system resources to security and maintenance of a cloud system.

Private Cloud- This is a cloud platform which is built within the walls of the hardware and software you possess. As it is managed by your own in-house IT team, it is best suited for businesses which require exclusive access, higher flexibility and more control over their cloud. But to use it, you need to create your own data centers. So it is costlier.

Hybrid Cloud- A hybrid service uses both private and public clouds. In such a system, an organization’s own IT team manages a part of the cloud. The rest is handled off-site.

Are Cloud Computing Services Expensive?

Cloud computing costs tend to differ a lot and depend greatly on the type of service you need. For example, cloud storage and file-sharing services such as Dropbox start off with free accounts. However, paid plans with advanced features costs $20 and above per month for every user. Cloud backup and recovery services such as Carbonite costs around $59.99 per month.

Cloud Computing Availability

High availability is one of the major plus points of cloud computing. It symbolizes the idea of anywhere and anytime access to different data, services, and tools. It also enables companies to plan a future with no physical offices or of global companies with a fully integrated IT system. Availability is also interlinked with reliability since a service which is available round the clock but constantly goes offline is of no use.

If you require high-availability, as a buyer, you will first need to know what it exactly means. Suppose a 99.99% SLA in a given month can be offline for around 4 minutes. You need to understand the reliability as well as the complexity of a platform when you state the required availability level of a cloud service.

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