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IoT Development Platform and Opportunities of the Internet of Things

Internet of Things or IoT for business is the latest hot spot in the market. Irrespective of whether your business is dealing with technology or not, IoT technology is going to have a significant impact on the business world.

Technology enthusiasts and marketers have been discussing the advent of IoT and what possible future the technology has. With the introduction and increasing popularity of products such as Google Home and Amazon Echo, it is fair to say that 2017 is the year of IoT finally thriving.

According to industry findings, it is estimated that over 50 million devices will be connected through the IoT technology. However, some revised statistics predict that at least of 30 billion devices will be adaptive to this technology. This foresees an industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars. This means that IoT for business is an extremely fruitful option if you start right and timely.

Improved Decision Making through Data:

The enormous amount of data gathered from IoT sensors and other connected devices adds to the pool of existing Big Data. Companies that are intelligent, use this data to make their strategies and decision making more informed. While companies thrive to make operational decision making available to every stakeholder in the organization, IoT can make this easier. IoT for business can ensure seamless access to the data.

On the other hand, companies can leverage the database insights to design and develop effective advertising.

IoT for Inventory Management and Tracking:

IoT shows a promising future prospect when it comes to inventory tracking as well as management. IoT for the business that depends on warehousing, storage, manufacturing, etc., is propitious. The technology can lend a hand in doing inventories, especially if you use devices for tracking inventory. Future devices shall be able to add, delete, or update inventory without manual efforts.

No Distance for IoT:

It is useful to have IoT Development Platform for business which has possibilities for remote work. If you have a business with employees remotely situated, then connecting necessary devices over an IoT network will help employees to stay connected and achieve more sophisticated tasks.

Efficiency with IoT:

The advancement of IoT will ensure that larger tasks could be accomplished with greater precision and increased the pace. Even tasks such as data analysis and management can be handled easily with help of Internet of Things.


It is quite evident that IoT will enhance and automate how tasks will be performed. This will ensure reduced demand for the manual resource or else will allow you to scale up your operations.

Opportunities of the Internet of Things is expected to shoot up in 2017 and that is becoming evident with increasing number of companies adopting this technology. It is forecasted that soon every house will have at least one device connected to the IoT infrastructure. This will also allow businesses to have more interactive conversations with your customers.

There are numerous companies which are making their marks in the IoT domain. Hockey Stick Technologies is one such company that can help you set up IoT for the business that you wish to flourish.

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